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Varbergs BoIS-
IF Elfsborg

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Method of 3 draws
The 3-draw method applies to sports betting on football.

It provides for the bet of 3 odds on as many matches individually, not in the system, always betting on a tie.

An essential condition is that the breakeven is always quoted at least at 3.00, which is almost always true.

Identifying matches that have a high probability of ending in a draw can be difficult and require good football skills, but it can also be facilitated by observing the odds of the bookmakers on 1 and 2. If these values ​​are also high, the match is very uncertain and can end in a draw.

By betting 1 credit on 3 games we will play a total of 3 credits.

If there is no draw from the three games we will have lost 3 credits.
If there is 1 tie we will at least get even: played 3 credits, won 1 * 3, xx
If there are 2 ties we will have doubled the stake: played 3 credits, won 1 * 3, xx + 1 * 3, xx = 6, xx (but it could also reach 7, xx)
If 3 out of 3 draws we will have tripled the stake: played 3 credits, won 1 * 3, xx + 1 * 3, xx + 1 * 3, xx = 9, xx (but with very high odds it can also reach 11, xx )
Betting on a tie with odds of less than 3.00 guessing only 1 tie would only win 2, xx and therefore would result in a loss.

The bet must be single match and not combining ties.

The system is very simple and although it is not always welcomed with enthusiasm, I believe that everyone can understand its potential.